Orval Day

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Date(s) - 09/10/2020
12:00 pm

Holy Grale


One Beer. One Bottle. One Glass… One legend
Celebrate Orval at two locations!
Holy Grale &
Louisville Beer Store
both start at noon
*while supplies last!
Buy an Orval – keep the glass! only $8.50!
This is our 1st Orval Day as Orval Ambassadeurs!
Help us break our record for Orvals drank in one day – we sold out at both locations last year!
About Orval Trappist Ale:
Orval is a magical beer, and it is singularly produced at the Abbaye d’Orval located near Florenville, Belgium in the provence of Luxembourg. Sunset-orange color; a fruity and slightly acidic bouquet, firm body, profound hop bitterness, and long, dry finish. Orval is bottled with Brettanomyces, a yeast strain that leads to superb dry complexity and ageworthiness.
The beer was first brewed in 1931 and owes its unparalleled taste to the quality of the water, the hops and the yeast used. The brewery has selected very aromatic and unique hop varieties, which hark back to the first brewmaster of Orval, who hailed from Bavaria. The beer’s aromas are very pronounced while maintaining the right level of bitterness thanks to the English method of dry hopping.
The iconic bottle and glass were designed by architect Henry Vaes in 1932 and remain unchanged. On both the glass and the bottle you will see a fish with a ring in its mouth, telling the legend of Orval:
The monastery was born of an act of gratitude:
Matilde was a widow and her wedding ring had accidentally fallen into the fountain. She prayed to the Lord and at once a trout rose to the surface with the precious ring in its mouth. Matilde exclaimed : “Truly this place is a Val d’Or !”
In gratitude, she decided to establish a monastery on the site.
ABV: 6.9% – OG: 1.055 – IBU: 32
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, candi sugar, hops, yeast.